Here are the Four (4) Key Measures that Consistently Predict Employee Performance

1. The Critical Thinking Capacity Measure

“Most Successful outcomes are preceded and supported by a series of good decisions.”

Our Critical Thinking
Measures are built upon Nobel Nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s Research

Why it’s so important:

  1. The Critical Thinking score identifies the capacity to recognize the CORE ISSUES that are driving the Workplace Problems, Challenges and Opportunities an individual faces.
  2. The Critical Thinking score identifies the capacity to create a WORKABLE SOLUTION for those core issues.
  3. The Critical Thinking score identifies the capacity to IMPLEMENT the WORKABLE SOLUTION using the resources ($$$, Time, Manpower, etc.) currently available.  Tell me more.

2. The Critical Competency Inventory Measures

“The Critical Competency measures form the building blocks for Successful employee performance.”

Why are Competencies important?

Like pistons in an engine, employee performance is powered by the strength of HOW these competencies support and empower OR mitigate their Critical Thinking.
We measure and report the relative strength of up to 35 of them.
They are also scored and presented in A thru D competency levels AND the associated RISK of FAILURE probability.

Our Internal Driver or Motivator scores and contributions are built upon the Harvard researchers Dr. Eduard Spranger and Dr. Gordon Allport’s Studies into human motivation and prioritized outcomes.

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3. The Internal Drivers and Motivator Measures

“These Motivators measure the seven (7) universal human influences that can modify Critical Thinking Decisions.”

The seven (7) Universal Drivers or Motivators (high OR low scoring motivators) influence and filter the Critical Thinking Choices so that the final result will reflect the individual’s belief about the way “THINGS OUGHT To BE!”

Our Internal Drivers and Motivator scores are built upon the Harvard Studies into human motivation and prioritized importance.

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4. The DISC Communication Style Measures

“The DISC Communication instrument has been used over 65 Million times with 90{0ab8710bf0efbfb836ba1adecbb6fb707acef84ea7e1555ccf1ff55677194b63} accuracy. It measures
HOW the Individual will communicate or deliver their motivated critical thinking decisions to others (customers, co-workers and managers).”

Our DISC report is Certified and Validated by the prestigious ASI Assessment Standards Institute.  By incorporating this gold standard measure into each of our Executive Summary reports, we present the Communication Style the individual will display as they interact with those who share their world (customers, co-workers and managers).

We measure the strengths of the person’s four (4) Core DISC factors of Dominance, Influence or Extraversion, Steadiness or Patience and Comprehensiveness or detail and precision focus.

“…this DISC assessment has one of the highest Cronbach scores in the DISC marketplace.”

– Assessment Standards Institute

We also provide you with a second view of the person’s  DISC Communication Style.  It is the DISC Wheel and it calculates how ALL 4 DISC measures combine to  create a SINGLE plot point.  This is also ideal for plotting an entire group or team on a single wheel.

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