Good Critical Thinking is the Number One Performance Indicator.

Critical Thinking is the first and most important performance multiplier. The critical thinking measure calculates decision speed and the capacity to identify the core issues, the ability to create a workable solution and the competence to operate within the rules and t)he available company resources to create successful resolutions.

The Critical Thinking measure is based upon the Nobel nominated research into human decision theory and is comprised of three sophisticated algorithms that calculate and  measure an individual’s capacity to make the correct choices when faced with the problems, challenges and opportunities they encounter that are supported by their area(s) of expertise

We know strong performers consistently make choices that achieve their targeted RESULTS while operating within the RULES they are expected to follow and they gain the support and acceptance of the OTHER PEOPLE (customers, co-workers and managers) who will be affected by their proposed results. We can accurately measure each of those elements and include them in the thinking section of our Executive Summary Reports.

Internal Motivators present the Harvard researcher’s exploration of the hierarchy and strength of the most influential internal drivers that filter and adjust one’s critical thinking.  Including the motivators enables us to provide you with an important component of our multi-dimensional performance analysis. The motivators or internal drivers measure HOW the individual believes things OUGHT to be. While a person’s true Internal Motivators may be hidden from the face to face interviewer, they are NOT hidden from us.

DISC Behavior and Communication Style

Think of DISC as the “delivery truck.”  It measures HOW someone communicates or deliver their ideas, beliefs, recommendations, concerns etc to other people.  It is comprised of the four (4) core behavioral measures of Dominance, Extraversion, Patience and Precision and how they uniquely combine to form the Behaviors and the Communication Style of the individual.  Our DISC report has earned the ASI certification for accuracy. The Key elements of the DISC analysis are included in the Executive Summary and the full DISC report accompanies our Executive Summary Reports at no additional cost.

The Executive Summary Reports are our premier Selection assessment. It was designed to give hiring authorities the answers to the core selection question, “If this candidate has acceptable qualifications and a track record of success, ‘SHOULD WE HIRE THIS INDIVIDUAL?’ It incorporates the three essential performance measures of Critical Thinking Decision Making, Hierarchy and Strength of the Internal Motivators and the DISC Behavior and Communication Style.
There are four versions of the Executive Summary Report:

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Sales
  3. Customer Service
  4. Administrative or Individual Contributor Series Model

We also offer a customized benchmarking option that enables the company’s “subject matter experts” to customize any of the four models to reflect the exact needs of your specific job.

There is also an Executive Summary Development 2.0 Model that shifts the focus from should I HIRE this candidate to How can I assist this current employee to optimize their performance and success.  This report is intended to be given to the employee with the express intention of guiding them toward understanding their own strengths and their limitations or blockers.  The developmental focus provides each employee with a set of customized strategies to become a better communicator, discover how their primary motivators influence their decisions and of greatest value how understand and then improve their unique decision-making pattern.  This measurable pattern builds their choices and identifies the focus, balance and relative importance they assign to achieving Results, following the Rules and Gaining the Support of Other People (customers, co-workers and managers) .  The final section provides the specific customized tactics tailored to each person in order to strengths their strengths and minimize their blockers and improve their decision making balance.

Workplace Strengths Report + DISC

This is our low-cost hourly employee or entry level screening assessment that provides you with one of two clear suggestions – Candidate is Satisfactory OR Candidate is Cautionary. This measure is based upon four core tendencies:

  1. Working well with others.
  2. Remaining focused when under stress.
  3. Prioritizing their activities
  4. Being responsible and accountable for their own actions

This report also provides clear insights into the DISC behavioral and communication scores. And finally, it provides a combined Hiring Recommendation based upon the Workplace Strengths or Work Ethic score plus the DISC rating – Candidate is Satisfactory OR Candidate is Cautionary along with  a set of relevant interviewing questions and  developmental suggestions.

Team Dynamic Report

Why a teamwork tool? “Because None of Us is as Smart as All of Us!” Ken Blanchard

Virtually every client is interested in improving teamwork.  We offer a powerful teamwork tool that plots an entire team on a single graphic and then explores the communication and interactive dynamics between the specific team members.  This is a perfect way to add value for group meetings or conferences while gaining real-world teamwork improvements.  We’ve found that teamwork is directly driven by effective communication.  This tool will improve the lines of communication. Check this out.  It’s very effective.

Expanded DISC Report V-3

This new DISC V-3 report is certified and validated by the (ASI) Assessment Standards Institute. You can trust its reliability and its accuracy. This is the expanded model that includes sections on understanding the DISC measures, understanding yourself and understanding others and how to adapt your communication style to effectively connect with others. It’s likely you’ve seen a DISC report before, but you’ve not seen one like this. We want to ensure the trust and confidence of our users by producing the industry’s most accurate and class protected DISC assessments

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