The Sales and business development analysis

The Executive Summary Sales Report

This is a powerful Sales Report that measures and provides a reliable comparative rating of the Six (6) Universal Sales Success Factors and the 30 Selling Competencies that consistently support the universal and essential selling factors:

  1. The Capacity to Empathize with the Prospect and determine the Customer’s Needs.
  2. The Ability to Handle Rejection. (This is Essential for any Successful Salesperson).
  3. Possession of the Internal Achievement Drive. (This measures the need to achieve, focus on results and reach established sales goals).
  4. Possession of the Self-Starting Capacity. (This measures persistence and consistent initiative).
  5. Strong Motivation Drive (This measures the focus on $$$, Status, Service and Mission)
  6. Discipline for Selling (This measures attention to standards, policies & procedures, and assigning importance to meeting deadlines).