The Executive Summary 2.0 Developmental Report

(The reports are Customized for each member of your staff)

This is our newest report.  Unlike our Selection Models that answer the question, “Should I HIRE this candidate?”  This report is built for your current staff and the emphasis is on “How can I give them a customized tool that will enable them to become BETTER at being themselves?”

The entire focus of this report is to provide the individual with a customized set of tactics and strategies to improve their ability to effectively communicate, understand what drives and motivates them and how they currently apply their critical thinking capacity to resolve the unique problems, challenges and opportunities they encounter.

This report begins with an examination of the DISC Communication Style, then, the Hierarchy and Strength of the Internal Motivators followed by a full explanation of the current Critical Thinking Capacity.  The report is packed with valuable tools like Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Communication Strategies, universal communication tactics and potential tensions between various styles and how to defuse those tensions.

The final section of the Developmental report provides the individual with a customized set of strategies to optimize their strengths and minimize their limitations or blockers.  This is a very cost-effective way to provide your staff with powerful insights to improve the performance of the entire team. If you’ve ever spent thousands on a one-day speaker, you’ll find this approach to be a much more effective and dramatically less costly way to empower your staff.