The Expanded DISC V3 Communication Report

Our Expanded DISC V3 report has earned the coveted ASI certification and validation award.  Think of DISC as the “delivery truck” that identifies the Communication Style that we typically use to delivery our ideas, recommendations, solutions, questions etc. to other people.  There are four core DISC behavioral Styles (Dominant, Extraverted, Patient, Precise).  We identify the Core Style and of greater value, HOW those four components uniquely combine in each person to define exactly HOW the person naturally prefers to connect and communicate with the other people (customers, co-workers and managers) in their world.  We accurately measure those factors and provide you with an unparalleled insight into the person’s natural and adapted DISC communication style.  The DISC V3 scores are woven into our Executive Summary reports because HOW someone interacts with the world is a VERY important component of predicting overall success.