Human Performance
Tools that Empower Great
People Decisions!

"if you're looking for a powerful Employee Performance ANSWERS
rather then a string of data points that you have to decore... we should talk!"

Candidate and Employee Assessment
Discover the Four Key Measures That Predict Human Performance

“No Single Candidate and Employee Assessment Measure can give you the Performance ANSWERS you need
to consistently make GREAT PEOPLE DECISIONS”

We combine these 4 Key Measures into Each of our Candidate & Employee Assessments via our Executive Summary Reports!

Critical Thinking Capacity

Measures the Candidate’s Ability to Identify and Resolve Problems, Challenges and Opportunities.  Top Performers need to consistently make GOOD DECISIONS that deliver GOOD RESULTS!
It’s Key for Predictive Candidate & Employee Assessments


Scores up to 35 of the Candidate’s Individual Competencies that drive their Critical Thinking Capacity.
You Need an accurate and Comprehensive Competency Inventory for Accurate Candidate & Employee Assessments -This  Inventory is important


Displays the Candidate’s Unique Internal Guidance  and HOW it impacts the Critical Thinking Decision Making Process.
Predictive Candidate & Employee Assessments require an understanding of WHAT is IMPORTANT to the Candidate or Employee

DISC Communication Style

Our ASI Certified DISC Candidate & Employee Assessment Report scores HOW they will typically Communicate and Team with OTHERS (Customers, Co-Workers and Managers).  The comprehensive DISC Candidate & Employee Assessment is included in each Executive Summary Report,