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It's very difficult to grow and sustain a GREAT business without GREAT people. Think about this..."Only half of all candidates are going to be above average!" That's where we come in. Our EEOC and Adverse Impact compliant toolset is unique in the performance industry.  We've done what so many have tried to do.  While others give you lots of individual measurements, our toolset delivers integrated performance answers that are built upon our proven performance matrix.  Now you can know the winners from the pretenders with a high degree of reliability.

Our tools meld perfectly with and complement your interviewing process. They are available 24/7 only require 35-45 minutes to complete.  In order to speed up the assessment process, our one initial low cost Work Ethic Screen captures but does not process ALL OF THE DATA we'll need to create the full matrix. We designed our process so that so there is no need to charge our clients for the full performance zone evaluation for those who upon closer examination do not possess the desired credentials, possess the work ethic score or job based interviewing results required for the specific job.

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The Integrated Performance Matrix
(How Credentials, Critical Thinking Capacity, Internal Motivators and Natural Behavioral Style create Top Performance).

Discover how we've managed to measure and integrate this Powerful Performance Process that makes it easy for you to review any candidate's job specific key performance factors that were thought to be unmeasurable!

Ask us about our Streamlined Custom Benchmarking Model (Critical Thinking, Internal Motivators and Natural Behavioral requirements) that perfectly synch with the following candidate evaluative performance toolset: < = Bmark Audio (45 sec.)  Request More Info on the Streamlined Benchmark

Step One:  The Low Cost  Initial Work Ethic Screen

This low cost breakthrough first step tool measures the
4 critical "work ethic factors" that form the foundation for strong performance and is needed in virtually EVERY position. (What job would NOT need these work ethic contributions?)

The 4 Work Ethic Components:

  1. The capacity to work with others.
  2. The capacity to remain engaged when under stress.
  3. The capacity to prioritize one's current activities.
  4. The capacity to be personally accountable for your own actions.

    Independent of someone's credentials, The Work Ethic screen measures these factors and  provides one of two scores - SATISFACTORY or CAUTIONARY.  
    The individuals who score with a Satisfactory Work Ethic score AND have the appropriate credentials (YOU determine the credential suitability)
    are recommended for the full Performance Zone Matrix evaluation.
    Note: This is the ONLY testing that needs to be done.  We capture but do not process EVERYTHING we need for the full evaluation.  There is NEVER a need for additional testing.

The Low Cost Initial Work Ethic Screen
"Virtually EVERY top performer will need a strong work ethic!"

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Step Two: The 3-Part Performance Zone Series
(An integrated measure of Critical Thinking plus Internal Motivators and Natural Behavioral Style)

The Critical Thinking Measurement - Part (1) One

This forms the heart of the overall performance matrix.  It is both a quantitative and qualitative integrated measure of critical thinking capacity. Human critical thinking identifies how someone will recognize and resolve the problems, challenges and opportunities they face THAT FALL WITHIN THEIR AREA(S) OF EXPERTISE.  It is built upon the Nobel nominated science and proves to be the invaluable calculation for our clients as they seek to see "behind the interviewing mask" and differentiate the winners from the pretenders.

The amazing Critical Thinking Z Score



Best of all, the Performance Zone report features an Integrated  "Z score scoring dial" that provides our clients with an overall measure of the person's critical thinking capacity to make the "right bright decisions" in the area(s) supported by their credentials.

The Z or "Zenith score" measures over 300 performance factors and calculates the Net Talent Score of the person's strengths offset by their blockers.  The "Risk Score" is the risk of likely failure.

The Integrated Scoring Legend:

  • Low Risk = A Level Strong Fit
  • Situational Risk = B Level Good Fit
  • Conditional Risk = C Level Marginal Fit
  • Real Risk = D Level Poor Fit

View the Revolutionary Performance Zone report
Performance Zone Report - The Integrated Critical Thinking Measurement
"Built upon the Nobel nominated science, the Performance Zone critical thinking instrument measures the capacity to make the right bright decisions in order to resolve the Problems, Challenges and Opportunities that fall within the area(s) supported by the individual's credentials!"

Click Here to View a Sample Performance Zone Report

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The Internal Motivators Tool - Part 2 (How we form our
Action Steps as we IMPLEMENT our critical thinking decisions).
Motivators define HOW you will take your action steps

"Identifying  the ACTION STEPS the individual will take as they execute or implement their Critical Thinking Decisions in the
 area(s) of expertise or "what you KNOW HOW TO DO  and your track record has demonstrated that YOU ACTUALLY CAN DO!"
Motivators influence our actions steps by their strength OR by their absence.

Click to View a Sample Motivators Report

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Our Internal Motivator or Workplace Driver Index report is based upon the Harvard research that identified that all of us have 7 universal motivators that reflect what is IMPORTANT for us.  Think of this as a clear measure of any individual's "Personal Agenda"

The DISC Behavioral Style - Part 3 (How we COMMUNICATE and SHARE our decisions with others).

"Defining HOW an individual COMMUNICATES, SHARES and CONNECTS their motivated critical thinking decisions with other people" in their area(s) of expertise.  We provide you with not just 4 but 12 integrated DISC scores that reflect how  each of the primary factors is influenced by the other 3.

Click to View a Sample DISCstyle Report

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Our DISC behavioral style scores how assertive, how extroverted, how patient and how precise we will be as we communicate our motivated critical thinking decisions to other people.  Remember, we have the 12 integrated behaviors to guide your understanding of observable behaviors you will see in any person.

Step Three: The 2 page Executive Summary:

We've been doing this for a long time and our clients seldom want to plow through the 45 pages of the Performance data.  Please understand that you need EACH OF THE 4-Step Performance Matrix ingredients i.e.., Critical Thinking, Internal Motivators or Drivers and Natural Behavioral Style in order to fully evaluate someone.  Teamed with their credentials, this represents the integrated view that forms an essential part of being able to identify both the strong and problematic players BEFORE the hire.  Consider what you spend in hard dollars in just the first 2 weeks on a new hire...and ask yourself if you wouldn't like to reduce those costly short term hires!

We've done the heavy lifting for you. We've created a 2 page Executive Summary that explores each of the Key components i.e.., critical thinking, internal motivators and natural behaviors...and summarizes them in an easy to read 2 page report.  It even includes a hiring/promotional recommendation.  Based upon our client's response to this new approach, they seem to like it very much and we believe you will as well.
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To view other applications for our Performance Technology - Contact us (808-575-5116) to explore any of these options:

  • Leadership Analysis
  • Teamwork Design
  • Personal Chemistry Analysis between any two Individuals.
  • Coaching Models
  • Benchmarking Protocols
  • Athletic Assessments
  • TeamThink



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They are available for Leadership/Management, Sales, Customer Service and General Administrative positions:View the Integrated Executive Summary

View the full 2 page Executive Summary

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