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Here are just a few of our recent testimonials that talk about the real world benefits of using our integrated toolset.  We'd like to add you to list, so please give us a call.

"Dear Greg:

 I am writing to thank you for the profile assessment tools you have created and made available to me and my businesses.  These reports have been instrumental in our hiring a higher percentage of top performers, across the board, in all areas of the business.  In one of my businesses, VelaPoint, we have profiled several hundred candidates including all persons currently involved in the business.  I am convinced (and regularly tell people) that more than any other factor, the reports are what have set VelaPoint apart from the competition.  The results are dramatic.  In the 18 plus months from January 2010 until today, we grew from five people to approx. one hundred and did so on a profitable basis.  We now rank in the top ten in the US marketplace in terms of written premium among all independent insurance brokers.  Among insurance agency call centers our average close ratio is 8.3% compared with a national average of 3.4% and our client persistency is almost 30% higher than the national average.  Because this is a sales and service oriented people business, our only true competitive differentiator is the quality of the people representing us and our brand.  Because of your reports and insights, I believe we make far fewer hiring mistakes and avoid all the associated wasted expense of training and HR, etc.  Without exception, I place heavy emphasis on your reports in all my business dealings, with all my business partners. 

Most importantly, I am so grateful for the time you have spent on the phone with me to assist in understanding these reports – your level of service is incomparable.  You can depend on me to be one of your company’s very best references.  Please ask your prospects to call me anytime.

Thank you. 

Warm regards,

 Pierre Gallant    |   Principal

Hi Greg,

"Thank you for the excellent work and great Teamwork presentation.  I look forward to reviewing the reports and engaging you in the future for all new hires.

Thanks again,

 Justin,  Burns Law Office, LLC

"I wanted to provide a little more insight on our current struggle to find the right candidate for the West RSM role.  I met with our CEO last Thursday and while we both thought that "E" was the best candidate he wasn't 100% confinced.  I indicated that there was a way to ensure that "E" was a player and would call an old friend who helped me make numerious "right decisions" in my sales manager capacity with my other company.  As you know, I replaced 80% of the leadership and key account team during my first four years.  After we starated using the Maui performance assessment my success rate on outside hires and internal promotions went from 65-70% to 95%+."

F Lewis, Dir. of Sales

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Greg Smith of the Maui Analysis Group for close to ten years.  When I first heard about the tool I was admittedly skeptical, but once I had the opportunity to see and experience the tools and reports personally I would not use anything else.  Aside from the tools, there is not another vendor that provides the exceptional customer service as Greg does.  Greg genuinely cares about his clients and will do all he can to ensure that our expectations are being met.

Over this time frame, we have utilized the tool successfully for selection, individual development and  team development.  With these tools we can take a deep dive into natural behaviors, communication strategies, and skill development all which in turn help our team members work more effectively. Once a senior team goes through a team development session, 90% of the time they ask for us to conduct a session for their reports as well."

Attached is the assessment that I took for you to get an idea of the information you will get. The amazing thing is that this information came from just a 30 minute online assessment I took form my iPad. This assessment is key in that it will provide you with the following key elements with current team members as well as future prospects. 

 1. How someone thinks

2. Why they think the way they do and how they process information 

3. How they make decisions and then communicate those decisions to others.

 I have found that pairing this with the resume of the individual is valuable information. 

 Greg Smith is the co-creator of this Maui Assessment and I have copied him on this note as well. I am happy to set up a time for you guys to talk with him or just e-mail him that you both and the producer in your office want to take the assessment. He will then e-mail you the instructions. 

 Another great feature that the analysis will do help provide direction with team members who work together and those that may work together. It will show the areas that are strong and areas that need some attention or are possible relationship/ personality conflicts. I did this with my current team and it was incredibly helpful. Especially when going into meetings. 

 Let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to meeting with you guys again to discuss next steps. 

  Shawn D Spencer  

President Blue Ocean Advisors

"Considering what a new or poor performing employee costs you in just one week, the choice to use this technology becomes a very easy business decision!"

We have many more.  Call us - You'll find that our tools will exceed your performance  expectations.

All the best,  greg

Greg Smith
Principal & Certified Performance Analyst
The Maui Analysis Group/Bus Concept™
Toll Free: 800-496-2170 Access Code: 77
Hawaii Direct: 808-575-5116

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