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Leadership is not really so difficult to DEFINE...However, ACCURATELY MEASURING IT IS QUITE ANOTHER MATTER

Measuring leadership begins with a proper definition - Here are the 4 universal cornerstones that encompass all leadership roles:

  1. Leaders know WHAT to do when faced with problems, challenges and opportunities that fall within their area(s) of expertise.
  2. Leaders know HOW TO ACTUALLY GET THINGS DONE when addressing issues within their wheelhouse of expertise.
  3. Leaders know HOW TO KEEP THE ORGANIZATIONAL FOCUS on getting the right things done in their areas of expertise.
  4. Leaders know HOW TO MARSHALL THEIR FORCES  AND WORK THROUGH OTHERS to accomplish the first three leadership objectives.

We offer two different approaches to measuring Leadership.

First, we offer our proven Performance Matrix Analysis (Critical Thinking Capacity, Internal Motivations and Natural Behavioral Style).

Here's the Scientific Leadership Analysis

Leadership Analysis
(Scoring based upon 108 Leadership Skills & Competencies)

Click here to view our Integrated Leadership Sample report for
a Conditional Risk or Average Leadership Score

  <= Click Here to hear a 1 minute Leadership Report Audio Overview

Click here to view the Integrated Leadership Sample Report

We also offer a powerful Leadership 360 survey.  The 360 format is built on a protocol that measures and compares how the Team Leader views and rates his/her OWN SPECIFIC LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES (64 strengths and blockers) and then the leader's scores are compared and contrasted with the manager, the peers and the direct reports.  This is a very powerful diagnostic instrument that provides clear direction for the leader's journey to become the most optimal leader.

Leadership Competencies - compare them

We offer you two different ways to measure leadership.  One is scientific and other is subjective input from those being led.  Both views are very valuable.

Leadership 360 - Click to view full report

  <= Click Here to hear a 64 second Leadership 360 Audio Overview

Click Here to view a Leadership 360 Assessment Sample

Whether you want to use our performance matrix to measure and evaluate a candidate, incumbent or potential leader or see the COMPARISON between their view of their leadership capacities and those the work with, we have those answers for you.  Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs.  

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