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The Maui Analysis Group is led by Greg Smith.  Greg has over 25 years in the human performance industry. First as an executive recruiter where he learned that "the candidate you initially see is NOT always the employee who shows up for work!"  It was those unexpected "first date recruiting misfires" that led him to begin the quest for performance technologies that were available to "see behind the interviewing mask" and identify those who had the best prospects for strong performance. After years of rigourous research and testing, It was obvious that the industry needed a better mousetrap.

He has been involved in the design and development of many of the new Maui Analysis products including the revolutionary Performance Zone, TeamThink and the Personal Chemistry Analysis between any two individuals.  He has been a guest speaker at numerous corporate events dealing with leadership, sales and management capacities.  He has added to his formal university education with years of study with two of Nobel nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman's graduate students Dr. David Medford and Wayne Carpenter.  Dr. Dave studied extensively with Dr. Hartman and Wayne is considered one of Dr. Hartman's most prolific graduate students and is a leading expert in the modern study of human valuation and decision theory. Greg is a member of the Hartman Institute and has been an invited speaker at their national meeting. Greg is a long time member of Chairman's club, is a President's Award winner and has spoken at several national performance conferences on the nature of superior performance.  His is certified in TriMetrix, CVPB, DVPB and is co-founder of the Bus Concept™.

Greg established the Maui Analysis Group in Hawaii in1997.  Maui Analysis has large and small clients across the planet.  We are one of the few fully trained and authorized master distributors for the revolutionary employee performance tools based upon the Nobel Peace Prize nominated research of Dr.Robert S. Hartman. It sure wasn't easy, but with a lot of assistance along the way, we've been able to translate the Nobel nominated "how the business brain works" Critical Thinking technology, the Harvard based Internal Motivators and the Gold Standard integrated DISCstyle behavioral tool into a reliable INTEGRATED SAP PERFORMANCE MATRIX toolset that melds with your interviewing process to reduce costly hiring errors, identify the up and comers for your succession planning, develop your current managers and generate a degree of teamwork that will exceed your expectations.    

This 25 year effort of validation, development and application brings us a degree of predictive performance that goes beyond what has been available.  Quite humbly we say, "It is simply, quite amazing!"

Talk is cheap.  If you are ready to take a step forward in your human capital approach, we're ready to demonstrate it for you.  Call us, You won't be disappointed!

The Maui Analysis Group

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Toll Free: 800-496-2170 Access Code 77

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These tools will enable you to maximize the talent within your organization and give you the tools you need to create an objective, reliable employee performance systems that will generate the Sustainable Results you are seeking.

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Hawaii Direct: 808-575-5116
Toll Free: 800-496-2170 Access Code: 77